MCM College for Women- 36, Chandigarh

MCM College for Women- 36, Chandigarh

Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women, Chandigarh popularly known as MCM DAV, was established in 1968 by the DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi, to commemorate the meritorious services rendered by Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan, former Chief Justice of India, a distinguished legal luminary, great patriot, administrator par excellence, committed educationist, social reformer and humanist.


MCM, in the service of Quality Education in the region for the last 47 years, stands fully prepared today to meet the challenges of the changing times. This multi-faculty institution has been marching forward aided by timely expansion of the goal-oriented and value-added facilities be it academic or infrastructural. The aim of the college has always been to produce enlightened and potential women, the future decision and policy makers who would repay the society through maximum utilization of their educational input. The college thrives on a unique blend of retaining traditional values and incorporating technological advancements as well as creating a consciousness about rights and duties towards the nation, which have fully been internalized by the faculty and the stakeholders – the students.

Our most distinctive characteristic is our forging ahead taking along both tradition and technology. The discreet balance between the two is achieved through the inclusion of frequently organized programmes and discourses by spiritual scholars and introduction of academic programmes with the thrust on the latest technology. It is pertinent to mention here that over the years the college campus has earned a remarkable reputation of being a ‘Zero-Pollution Zone owing to our unstinted efforts in the direction of environmental preservation

Excellence in sports has become synonymous with MCM and the laudable achievements of our peerless sportswomen is corroborated by the fact that the college, in its existence of 47 years, has been awarded the The Panjab University General Efficiency Sports Shield 37 times.

The college which has always believed in remaining ahead of times by pioneering in innovative challenging programmes and the requisite infrastructure incessantly strives towards excellence in any and every sphere and keeps on creating and recreating its own benchmarks.

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